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We help businesses assist their employees, teams and management

Our psychologists use evidence based practice, combined with a friendly, energetic and personal approach to assist clients in improving their lives. By providing this support, a number of difficulties within the workplace can be better managed, and ultimately this results in reduced claims and absenteeism, and improvement of staff morale and, of course, well-being.

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Employee Assistance Program

EAP is a positive culture initiative and employee / member benefit which is recognisable and cultivates loyalty when implemented correctly. Productivity, engagement, innovation and retention are closely linked to, and are a reflection of, the cultural health of an organisation. Our EAP is focused on organisational health as well as individual well-being.


Information for
Individuals Seeking Support

We aim to empower individuals to achieve their maximum potential within, and in preparation for, their work environment by responding positively to change and events that affect their lives.


Information for
Business & Government Organisations

Improve Risk Management, Health & Wellbeing and Productivity through positive and proactive   interventions.


Information for
Medical & Allied Professionals

Providing counselling interventions to support employees suffering from occupational injuries or conditions secondary to accident or injury. We offer counselling interventions designed to support individuals in their aspirations to overcome barriers and achieve rehabilitation goals.

List of Workshops

We can tailor workshops to suit your business and required business goal. Here are some that we have previously established, and run on request.


Lunchtime/Breakfast seminars

Includes topics such as “Promoting resilience”, “Emotional Intelligence”, “Positive mental health – 7 Steps to well-being“


Workshops (2-4 hours)

Includes topics such as “Pain management & Return to work (module 1&2)”, “Motivational interviewing skills for managers”, “Motivational interviewing skills for health care workers “


Training (1-2 day options)

Includes topics such as “Coaching for optimal performance”, “Conversations for optimal performance”, “Workplace Harassment Officer Training “

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