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About us


Psychological Health Interventions is a specialist high end provider of psychological services. We specialise in provision of Employee and Member Assistance Programs (EAP/MAP) across Australia. We also provide a number of organisational health and wellbeing psychology solutions. We assist employers, member organisations, insurers, psychiatrists, GP’s and individuals through the provision of expert psychology services, support and when needed interventions. We are professional, highly qualified and experienced problem solvers and value creators.

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Mission and core values

Professional Integrity
Our core value of Professional Integrity relates to the temperament and personal discipline of each individual to maintain the highest service delivery standards both under scrutiny and in particular, independently. It equates to individual accountability, delivering on promises and developing robust relationships with our clients based on trust.

We are committed to the sustained application of proven systems and treatment, management and training strategies that produce outcomes. We resolve to ensure individual, teams and organisations are actively managed and supported to achieve best outcomes.

Through a commitment to continuous quality improvement of products and individual performance, we strive to consistently make positive changes to existing practice by introducing new methods, ideas, or products and ensuring best practice applications in all areas of performance.

Dinstiction and

We consistently seek to achieve a level of excellence that marks us apart. We are committed to delivering services above the norm, achieving results that exceed the expectations of our clients and separates us from the pack.