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How to access our services

Organisational Support & Solutions: Obtain a program quote for corporate services or enquire about enrolling your business for EAP or MAP services, either call 1800 424 635, or email

We can also arrange a site visit to discuss the cost, benefit of each and / or any specific service relative to the needs of your organisation.

Already have an EAP or MAP with Psychological Health Interventions? To make an appointment, simply call 1800 424 635 or email to request an appointment

You can access services in the following ways:

  •  Self-Referral
  •  Management referral
  •  Supervisor referral

How do I engage the services of the EAP or MAP? Psychological Health Interventions have psychologists available to meet your needs in a variety of convenient ways.

These include:

  • Face to face consultations
  • Telephone consultations
  • Skype consultations
  • Workplace interviews

Insurers and WorkCover scheme agents: Assisting in making the right decision on claim liability and return to work potential. Referrals for Pre-liability Assessments are easy to complete and are acted upon immediately to ensure the report turn-around time allows time-critical decisions to be made with confidence.

To initiate a referral please call 1800 424 635 or email or complete a referral form

Medical & Allied Health Professionals: we offer counselling interventions designed to support individuals in their aspirations to overcome barriers and achieve rehabilitation goals.

To initiate a referral, fax a referral form to 02 9112 6054