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Organisational Support & Solutions

We have clinicians who are accredited to provide treatment to all statutory compensation schemes. PHI works in health promotion and in treatment of diagnosed disorders. We can provide brief solution focused counselling around specific concerns or longer term management of conditions.

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Provides services for organisations and HR that are aimed at the system as a whole


training and lunchtime seminars both pre-prepared on a suite of topics or tailored to meet a target audience or topic.

Change Management

supporting individuals and organisations through change with a focus on acceptance, adjustment and creating clarity and momentum around the future

Personnel Selection

consulting in the development and implementation of effective personnel selection systems.

Climate Surveys

we develop and implement surveys to understand, explore and hypothesise.

Critical Incident Preparedness

preparing at organisational, team and individual levels for likely critical incident to mitigate risk for the individual and organisation.

Performance Management Planning

range of services and systems which can be delivered to get the best performance from people to achieve team objectives and individual goals.

Fitness for Duty / Competency Assessments

assessments to determine an employee’s work capacity and job fit, including for those with pre-existing or presenting disorders.


tailored services to provide brief evidenced-based interventions, whilst incorporating the needs of the employer or member organisation.

HR Consulting

professional support including managing difficult people and circumstances and outplacement services for those affected by change


to support organisations in assessing liability and managing risk around potential or existing claims.

services aimed at assisting managers and HR in overcoming barriers and working together effectively


assist in any situation in which team members may need to work through an event or manage change.

Team Building

assist when teams need to regroup, consolidate goals and develop ways of working together effectively and cohesively.


we are able to assist in resolving disputes and conflict whether it be interpersonal or organisational

Psychological First Aid

in the aftermath of a critical incident we assist employees or members recover from an unexpected event.

aimed at enhancing wellbeing both personally and within the workplace


aimed at working with managers to get the best from their employees and become the best managers they can be

Management Assistance

aimed at working with managers to get the best from their employees and become the best managers they can be


solutions-focused service for personal or work-related issues to assist individuals and groups where applicable


Corporate services, Organisational Psychology & Outplacement Services
Critical Incident Support Services
Management assistance services
Employee Assistance Programs
Member Assistance Programs
Telephone / Skype counselling
Psychometric testing
Mediation and conflict resolution services
Training and seminars
Fitness for Duty Assessments
Change management support services
Executive coaching and team building and resilience interventions


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Fitness for Duty and S36
Assessments Interpersonal / Relationship Issues
Mediations and Conciliations
Change Management Support
Anxiety and Depression
Grief and loss


Primary Injury Accelerator Program (PIA)
Secondary to physical Injury Program (SPI)
Pain management
Adjustment to disability
Psychological injury assessment and programs
Targeted treatment provided with the goal of return to work and function
Medico-legal assessments
Advisory Service